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Benefits of Visiting Your Massage Therapist Regularly

Registered massage therapy (RMT) in Pickering and Ajax is a great primary healthcare option that has many potential benefits for a variety of pain conditions. Regular RMT from a clinic such as The Physio Clinic @ West Durham is used by many people to alleviate chronic pain, muscular overuse, pain caused by occupational stress, and more.

Let's take a look at what a registered massage therapist is and at some of the potential benefits of choosing to RMT in the Pickering area.

What is a Registered Massage Therapist? 

Massage therapy can come in many different forms, but all types of massage therapy essentially consist of expert soft tissue manipulation for the purposes of providing pain relief, stimulating healing, promoting relaxation, and creating an overall sense of well-being in the body. RMT can be used to target muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues.

Being a regulated, primary healthcare profession, massage therapy must be administered by a registered massage therapist. A Pickering RMT practitioner has studied human physiology, has completed an education at a Government of Ontario recognized institute, and has completed at least 150 clinical hours.

The professional performing your registered massage therapy in Ajax or Pickering will have also registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario after successfully completing the College's exams. In order to maintain their registered status, a massage therapist must continue to provide quality care, maintain professional standards, and participate in continuing education.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy 

There are many reasons why you may want to give RMT in Pickering and Ajax a try. Research has consistently shown that regular massage therapy can be beneficial for reducing and even eliminating pain. It can successfully be used to treat everything from acute pain conditions to chronic pain conditions, and can work for patients of all ages and abilities.

RMT can also improve the mobility of joints, reduce muscular tension, improve blood circulation, and improve drainage in the lymphatic system. Instead of being solely a reactive treatment, RMT can be used as a preventative care method as well. Many people use massage therapy as a form of injury prevention and even stress management.

Finding a Massage Therapist 

Registered massage therapy in Pickering and Ajax is typically covered by most insurance plans. Some plans require you to get a physician's referral, while others do not.

You may be covered for massage therapy by an employer sponsored insurance plan, a consumer purchased insurance plan, the Work Place Safety and Insurance Board (if you were injured at work), a car insurance company (if you were in a car accident), and even by Veterans Affairs Canada.

If you feel that massage therapy may be right for you, then the highly trained and educated registered massage therapists at The Physio Clinic @ West Durham are here to help. We'll tailor our approach to your unique needs and maximize your treatment outcomes.

Simply use our handy online form to book an appointment with a registered massage therapist today!